Credit: Paul Drinkwater/Getty Images

It might be the most profane Golden Globes in TV history.

There were bleeped words uttered by Amy Schumer, Mark Wahlberg, Jonah Hill, and Jaimie Alexander.

But one line was so profane that it was entirely muted by the network — and it involved host Ricky Gervais and presenter Mel Gibson.

“I’m in the awkward position of having to introduce him again,” Gervais said. “Listen, I’m sure it’s embarrassing for both of us. I blame NBC for this terrible situation. Mel blames … we know who Mel blames. Listen, I still feel a bit bad for it. Mel’s forgotten all about it apparently, that’s what drinking does. I want to say something nice about Mel before he comes out. So: I’d rather have a drink with him in his hotel room tonight than with Bill Cosby.”

Then after Gibson came out and threatened to put Gervais “to sleep another way,” Gervais returned to the stage and asked, “Listen, can I ask you a question?” And then this was entirely bleeped by NBC: “What the f— does ‘sugar t-ts‘ even mean?'”

See a NSFW GIF of the moment below.