Jonah Hill Moonlights as a... Bear
Credit: Paul Drinkwater/NBC via AP


It wouldn’t be a proper Golden Globes night without one or two (or three!) censored moments. Yes, host Ricky Gervais was bleeped more than once, but he wasn’t the only star leaving censors on the edge of their seats. Who else made that few-second delay worthwhile? Read on for the Globes’ NSFW moments:

Jonah Hill

# of bleeps: 2

The moment: Hill joined his 21 Jump Street costar/bromantic partner Channing Tatum to present the best supporting actress award wearing a bear hat to pay homage to The Revenant‘s most underrated star.

Memorable lines: “It’s f—ing delicious” and “I don’t f—ing care”

Why it was hilarious: Tatum’s right-hand man/The Revenant‘s star bear was eager to express his passion for all things honey – and he didn’t care who/what got in his way.

Jaimie Alexander

# of bleeps: 1

The moment: The Blindspot actress, alongside Amber Heard, became frustrated after a teleprompter snafu – causing both stars to awkwardly pause before the list of nominees showed up on screen.

Memorable line: “Dude, who’s typing this s—?”

Why it was hilarious: Because we, too, were sitting at the edge of our seats, confused as to why it took so long to hear the nominees.

Amy Schumer

# of bleeps: 1

The moment: While on stage, our imaginary BFFs Jennifer Lawrence and Schumer introduced themselves as J. Law and A. Schu before presenting clips from their films Joy and Trainwreck. A.Schu? Not that great, right? Amy deserves something better/more her style.

Memorable lines: Lawrence: “What do people call you?” Schumer: “C— …” Lawrence: “No, that’s fine. True, but fine.”

Why it was hilarious: It’s a tough day when your BFF has a much catchier nickname than you. We’re officially deeming this on-stage moment as a call to action to get the Trainwreck star a major moniker.

Ricky Gervais

# of bleeps: 2

The moments: The Golden Globes host was censored once for complaining about how long the show is (understandable), but the second time made everyone in the room gasp and took us back to Mel Gibson’s 2006 DUI arrest. Throwback!

Memorable line: “What the f— does ‘sugar tits’ even mean?”

Why it was hilarious: Because, after all these years, we’re all still wondering what that really means.

Other culprits: presenter Mark Wahlberg (one bleep), actor Gael Garcí a Bernal (one bleep) and director Alejandro Iñárritu (one bleep as well). If you can decipher their dirty words, let us know.