By Lynette Rice
Updated January 09, 2016 at 06:44 PM EST
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The petitions didn’t work out so maybe a new defense team can: A Chicago lawyer announced that she will represent Steven Avery along with the legal director of the Midwest Innocence Project.

Kathleen T. Zellner will join Wisconsin lawyer Tricia Bushnell in representing Avery, a Wisconsin man in prison for life despite denying his role in the murder of Teresa Halbach in 2005. The now high-profile conviction is the subject of the Netflix docuseries Making a Murderer.

“The Zellner Law Firm is looking forward to adding Mr. Avery to its long list of wrongful conviction exonerations,” according to a release.

Viewers of the 10-part miniseries attempted to help Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey by signing two petitions demanding his release. But the Wisconsin governor announced that he would not pardon Avery and Dassey while the White House said President Obama cannot act on behalf of state prisoners, only federal ones.

Avery and Dassey were sent to prison in 2007 for the murder of Halbach, who was a photographer for AutoTrader. Avery was previously represented by Wisconsin lawyers Dean Strang and Jerry Buting, who have become Internet celebrities.

“It’s weird, it’s disorienting,” Strang told the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel.

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