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At the end of Teen Wolf‘s season 5A, the Dread Doctors revealed a painting that depicted an epic showdown between a Hellhoud and, well, something else. What fans later came to discover is that not only is Parrish said Hellhound, but the other being is something called The Beast, and it’s coming to Beacon Hills.

And spoiler alert: It’s coming very soon. EW has an exclusive first look at the show’s newest villain, along with a few details from Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis. “It’s formed by shadows,” Davis tells EW of the Beast. “The chimera that’s inside it is sort of surrounded by it. The person — we don’t know whether it’s a he or she yet — doesn’t necessarily transform like Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk. It’s actually more just shadows and darkness take shape around that person.”

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In other words, the arrival of the Beast means two things: 1) We have a new, very dangerous villain on our hands. 2) With it, we have a new, very dangerous mystery. “Figuring out who is the Beast is a major mystery of the season,” Davis says. And yes, the identity of the Beast (or rather, the chimera inside it) will be uncovered in the latter part of season 5B.

Check out a full body shot below:

Credit: MTV

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Teen Wolf airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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