By Christian Holub
January 08, 2016 at 01:18 PM EST

Stephen Colbert is one of this generation’s best celebrity interviewers, but he reaches another level when he’s personally invested in the subject at hand. During Colbert’s Thursday night interview with Superstore star America Ferrera, Colbert got visibly energized talking about their shared experiences as the youngest child in a big family. 

“Did you become an actress because you were the youngest and you always needed attention?” Colbert asked. “Because I was the youngest of 11, and that was definitely the reason for me.”

Ferrera agreed, and reminisced about the difficulty of defending herself against older siblings.

“I got in trouble for protecting myself,” Ferrara remembered. “My sister was going at my nose and I held up the phone and she hurt her knuckles, so I got in trouble. It was her knuckles or my nose!”

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The conversation climaxed with an exchange of “latchkey” recipes, the type of junk food Colbert, Ferrara, and their siblings would eat when they were home alone. Ferrera put corn flakes and sugar on white bread (“because often we didn’t get Frosted Flakes so you had to put the sugar on there”), while Colbert topped his white bread with mayonnaise (“because I am of an ethnic group called the white people”) and pre-sweetened Kool-Aid mix. Colbert also took a bite of his own recipe since “I haven’t a bite of this since I was nine years old.”

“Good luck with Superstore,” Colbert concluded. “Let’s eat better next time.”