By Jeff Labrecque
Updated January 08, 2016 at 02:06 PM EST

When Sarah Jessica Parker stars in a movie, she has a gift for choosing lifestyles and locales that make it seem like epic fun. In All Roads Lead to Rome, her first big-screen adventure since New Year’s Eve, she plays Maggie, a slightly neurotic woman excited for an Italian vacation with her less-enthused daughter, Summer (Rosie Day).

While the rebellious teen is eager to get back to her boyfriend in New York, Maggie’s romance is right in front of her, as she reconnects with an old flame named Luca (Raoul Bova). While they’re distracted by the sparkle of youth in each other’s eyes, Luca’s mother (Claudia Cardinale) gives the keys to his Alfa Romero convertible to Summer with the understanding that she drive the elderly woman to Rome for her own romantic adventure.

Cue the chase scenes through the postcard-worthy Italian countryside, part Thelma & Louise, part Under the Tuscan Sun, all parts comfort viewing!

Written and directed by Ella Lemhagen, All Roads Lead to Rome opens in theaters and on VOD on Feb. 5. Scroll below to see the film’s exclusive poster.