Mad Max: Fury Road marked the thunderous return of director George Miller, who, at the age of 70, is making braver movies that filmmakers several decades his junior. But in addition to being a septuagenarian, Miller is also a realist.

In a recent chat with Studio 360, the director spoke about the limited number of years he has left to tell the stories he wants to tell, and whether or not that includes another Mad Max.

As he’s previously discussed, Miller and one of his Fury Road co-writers, Nico Lathouris, have two more movies about Max fleshed out. “What happened to Max after Fury Road? What happened before Fury Road? What happened to the other characters?” Miller said. “Those stories are there — probably not as the next film but the film after. I’d like to do one of them. We’ll see. As John Lennon said, life is what happens when you’re making other plans.”

One option that Miller is considering is having another filmmaker take over for him. “There are so many other directors out there. People are directing younger and younger,” he said. “They’re getting a real sense of cinema very, very early. There are some great directors out there.”

What is a Mad Max movie without George Miller behind the camera? That’s hard to imagine, but if you have any idea about who you’d like to take over if Miller opts out, share it in the comments below. (And don’t just say “Christopher Nolan.”)

Mad Max: Fury Road
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