Credit: ABC

The Golden Globes are known for being a lively event. Nominees and guests sit at ballroom tables instead of theater seats, and there are liberal supplies of alcohol available throughout the ceremony. But what’s it really like inside?

During her Thursday appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, nominee Cate Blanchett actually compared attending the Globes to being in a mosh pit.

“It gets very sweaty down there,” Blanchett said. “You’re all very tightly packed. If there’s not enough ketchup, you literally lean over and take DiCaprio’s ketchup.”

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The music festival atmosphere isn’t even the most stressful part of the Golden Globes, however; nor is it the proximity to costars and competitors (Blanchett and Rooney Mara, for example, are both up for Best Actress for their movie Carol). No, the toughest part about attending the Globes, Blanchett says, is going to the bathroom.

“Normally you’re so stitched into those dresses that you can’t even drink anything, becuase if you have to pee it’s a disaster,” Blanchett said.

Watch the clip below.