Credit: Eliot Lee Hazel


Yeasayer has been pushing the boundaries of experimental pop-rock since their 2007 debut, and fans will get more of their psychedelic sound this April. The band announced Thursday that their fourth studio album Amen & Goodbye will be released on April 1, 2016.

Along with the album announcement, Yeasayer released the collection’s first single “I Am Chemistry” along with an otherwordly claymation and mixed media video for the track. “I Am Chemistry” features a chanting bridge sung by legendary folk singer Suzzy Roche of The Roches, and will be the second track on Amen & Goodbye.

Yeasayer gave even more insight into the new collection by releasing short art videos on their website — filmed clips showing pieces created by sculptor David Altmejd. The teaser videos can be seen on Yeasayer’s website. They include a man hanging upside-down with melted candle wax dripping off his arm, faces with crystal protrusions bursting out of them, and a faceless man holding a calf. These images are meant to evoke the sense of the new album, which the band described in a press release as “a collection of strange fables from the Bible of a universe that does not yet exist.”

Amen & Goodbye is available for pre-order on Yeasayer’s website now.

Track listing:

1. Daughters Of Cain

2. I Am Chemistry

3. Silly Me

4. Half Asleep

5. Dead Sea Scrolls

6. Prophecy Gun

7. Computer Canticle 1

8. Divine Simulacrum

9. Child Prodigy

10. Gerson’s Whistle

11. Uma

12. Cold Night

13. Amen & Goodbye

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