Credit: Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

ABC’s caught the Serial fever.

The network announced on Thursday that it’s picked up The Jury, a pilot described as “12 Angry Men meets the podcast Serial.” It’s the story of one murder trial told from the perspectives of each of the individual jurors, exploring their biases and following how their preconceptions change throughout the course of the trial.

The Jury is written by Justified‘s VJ Boyd and Mark Bianculli. Boyd will serve as an executive producer alongside Carol Mendelsohn and Julie Weitz, with Bianculli as a co-executive producer.

The news comes as Netflix’s Making a Murderer, a true-crime docu-series also similar to Serial, continues to be a constant topic of conversation on social media, even inspiring several petitions for the re-examination of subject Steven Avery’s case. On Thursday, Investigation Discovery announced that it will air a followup series called Front Page: The Steven Avery Story.