By Christian Holub
January 07, 2016 at 04:08 PM EST
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The MythBusters are going out with a bang.

The final season premiere focuses on a favorite MythBusters category: explosions. Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage have tackled several explosion-related myths over the years but they found two new ideas to test: whether a hovercraft can safely traverse land mines, and whether concrete can mute a dynamite explosion. The latter is from an episode of MacGyver, a show whose love of science and problem-solving mirrors MythBusters’ own.

“We’ve been kinda referred to as ‘modern MacGyvers’ so it was sort of appropriate to put that in someplace in the series,” Hyneman says.

The exclusive clip above showcases the beginning of the experiment, as Hyneman and Savage begin pouring concrete into a mail truck full of dynamite. Problems ensue when one of the bundles becomes detached, requiring MacGyver-level problem-solving from Savage.

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Making this upcoming season of MythBusters the final one was a mutual decision between Savage, Hyneman, and Discovery. Savage and Hyneman wanted to say a proper goodbye while they still had good material left, instead of slowly fading away over the years. 

“We worked with them to craft something that amounted to a series of episodes, many of which were our standard stock in trade, but as much as possible we amped it up some to do things on a much larger scale,” Hyneman says in the above lcip.

“We screwed up a lot this season,” Savage said. “To me, that’s narratively fascinating. As it was happening, all those emotions were genuine on set. I submit that’s another one of the strong points about our little show. Those narratives are genuine.”

The final season premiere of MythBusters airs Jan. 9 at 8 p.m.

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