By Eric Renner Brown
Updated January 07, 2016 at 04:44 PM EST
Credit: Alysse Gafkjen

Netflix viewers have been binge-watching the service’s true-crime documentary series Making a Murderer en masse since its release late last year — including, it seems, Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach.

The musician’s other band The Arcs released a new track Thursday titled “Lake Superior” that’s inspired by Making a Murderer‘s subject Steven Avery and pledged to donate all proceeds from the song to the Innocence Project, the social justice nonprofit that investigates wrongful convictions.

“It’s like Billy Childish says, ‘We live in troubled times,'” the band wrote in a statement on Soundcloud. “Last week, we got a sneak peek at what goes on behind the curtains of our criminal justice system. A few sleepless nights later we gathered in the studio and wrote this song.” According to the band’s note, “Lake Superior” was written, recorded, mixed, and mastered in only two days.

Over 10 episodes, Making a Murderer tells the story of Avery, a Wisconsin man who wrongfully served 18 years in prison for a sexual assault he didn’t commit. He was sentenced to life in prison for murder four years after his initial exoneration. Because many contest the strength of the evidence in that trial, the series has sparked renewed scrutiny of America’s criminal justice system, including a White House petition for Avery’s release and fresh statements from the attorneys who participated in the case.

Listen to “Lake Superior” below.