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Time Traveling Bong

Finally: A TV series has been greenlit about a time-traveling bong.

The bong is not a minor part of this limited series, either — the actual title is Time Traveling Bong.

The program is about a bong (or water pipe, if you prefer) that travels through time (and space, to be technical about it — you cannot travel through time without also moving through space, as Neil DeGrasse Tyson likes to point out).

Comedy Central is the network that ordered the series, which “centers on two cousins, played by Ilana Glazer and Paul Downs, who discover a time-traveling bong and ride high as they blaze through time. Their buzz is killed when the bong breaks and the cousins are forced to bounce around the space time continuum, learning to appreciate there’s no time like the present.”

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Glazer, Downs, and Lucia Aniello released a statement about the show: “No comment,” it says.

Time Traveling Bong (which should have a hypen between “time” and “traveling” but presumably the creators totally spaced on adding one) will be three episodes long. That’s probably the smallest production commitment to a project we’ve seen in a while, though it’s still more than probably any other network would give it.

Bong to the Future Time Traveling Bong will launch on April 20, because, of course.

(And, yes, we asked a Comedy Central rep if this is all real and it is).

Time Traveling Bong
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