The first season will focus on infamous Peoples Temple leader Jim Jones
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Jake Gyllenhaal’s heading to TV: The Southpaw star has partnered with A&E to develop an anthology series that will focus on a different American cult persona each season, with the first revolving around Jim Jones.

Gyllenhaal and Beasts of No Nation producer Riva Marker are set to executive-produce the show, which will follow how Jones ended up becoming a deranged, dangerous leader who ultimately encouraged over 900 people to take their own lives in what is commonly referred to as the Jonestown Massacre of 1978.

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“Jim Jones is a fascinating character — one who has found his way into the collective unconscious,” Gyllenhaal said in a statement. “We want to focus on the undeniable magnetism of zealots and the danger of that kind of charisma. A notion not only pertinent to cult leaaders but to the geo-political climate of today.”