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Natalie Dormer is currently making the press rounds for her new horror movie The Forest, which finally gives the actress an opportunity to talk about things besides Game of Thrones. Too bad Game of Thrones is still all anybody wants to talk about.

Dormer was asked about the show during her Tuesday night appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and confirmed the crew had recently wrapped filming season 6 of the show, most of which she spent in Spain. But the last time viewers saw Margaery Tyrell, she was in a King’s Landing dungeon. So does this mean Margaery is going to Dorne?

“There are dungeons in Spain,” Dormer told Kimmel, brushing off the possible “gotcha” moment.

Dormer also revealed her excuse for not answering questions about Jon Snow’s much-debated fate: she purposefully keeps herself in the dark.

“I watched season 1 like a fan, like you. So when I joined them in the second season, I wanted to go back to feeling like a fan, so I stopped reading other people’s storylines,” Dormer said. “I only read the scripts that are relevant to Margaery and Highgarden and King’s Landing. So when the show airs, I’m sitting on the couch watching it like you.”

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Dormer noted, however, that her strategy has its downfalls as well.

“I’ll be sitting in the hair and makeup trailer, and someone will show up and I’ll be like, ‘What are you doing here?'” Dormer said. “Oh my god, you’re back? I gotta leave.”

Now, who, oh who, could possibly make an unexpected return in season 6? Game of Thrones fans will just have to keep waiting until April.

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