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Scott McCall has faced many enemies. He’s literally died and come back to life. But what lies ahead when Teen Wolf returns for season 5B? Can he salvage his pack (and his friendship with Stiles)?

We spoke with star Tyler Posey about what’s next for our favorite teenage werewolf.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Last season, Scott hit rock bottom. I mean, he literally died. So is he emotionally on the mend at this point?

TYLER POSEY: Yeah definitely. I think at this point, he has to take a look in the mirror, literally and metaphorically, and accept that he’s hit rock bottom, know that he’s got nothing left to lose and he’s alive, so he might as well come back and make his rise. It’s a relatable thing for everybody. I’ve gone through it, when you’re at a really low point and all you have left is to pick yourself up and move on. That’s Scott’s plan is to take a long look at himself in the mirror and figure out his next plan of action, because he’s still the True Alpha, he’s still Scott McCall, he’s just got to make a rise.

In terms of him dying. Will we see any effects from that?

Him dying affects him physically and mentally. Physically, I don’t know if I’m allowed to say what, but mentally, accepting that you’re going to die does something to somebody. I think Scott’s mentality was that Beacon Hills is probably a better place if I’m dead. Accepting that does a huge thing to somebody so he kind of carries this weight of that acceptance the entire season and for the rest of his life. He has this more grown-up outlook on life. He’s still the badass, he’s still a really good leader and just wants to save people, but he’s got this dark wisdom. I love it. It’s my favorite thing that I think I’ve ever played with Scott.

Is his primary focus getting his pack back together?

Absolutely. Last season, his pack all got separated from him. So first and foremost, [he has] to get the pack back together, but you can’t get the pack back together if Stilinski is injured, so we have to get Stilinski healthy and then start regrouping the pack back together. For Scott to rebuild himself, he has to rebuild his pack.

Stilinski’s injury more or less forces Scott and Stiles to talk. Does the threat of the Beast and everything else force them to finally forgive each other?

I don’t know if they’re forced to forgive each other. I think they’re both rational human beings, so I think they know how much they actually love each other and they come to realize that they both had mis-information. I don’t know if they’re forced to reconcile, I think they just want to out of pure love for one another and friendship. This situation forces them to start mending things again but after that, I think it’s all their own will power.

In the past, Scott has been able to go toe-to-toe with most villains. But this Beast sounds pretty big. Is Scott at all going to feel useless against this huge opponent?

If anything, Scott’s feeling more useful than ever. The feeling useless all happened last season, so now it’s just his comeback in his life. They don’t know anything about these creatures. They don’t know if Parrish is a good guy or a bad guy so those questions are up in the air, so Scott still has to maintain the protector and he’s still got to be there just in case their information is wrong. I don’t think Scott feels useless at all. I think he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

So you’re saying size doesn’t matter?

Size does not matter.

I feel like Teen Wolf seasons need subtitles. What would this one be?

Teen Wolf Season 5B: The True Alpha Rises. It’s so good I got the chills! [Laughs]

Teen Wolf premieres season 5B tonight at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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