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In his new movie The Hateful Eight, Samuel L Jackson proves he’s still the world’s premier deliverer of cool dialogue.

Stephen Colbert put that particular talent to use during Jackon’s Monday night appearance on The Late Show. After getting Jackson to reinterpret classic catchphrases, Colbert asked his guest to record an outgoing voicemail message for himself and everyone, because, “I think everybody has always wanted” a unique Jackson voicemail. Colbert handed Jackson a basic prompt to read, but the actor’s iconic delivery infused it with the necessary drama and wit.

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“Hi. You know who you called,” Jackson read. “Leave a message. Maybe he’ll call you back. Then again, maybe he won’t. That’s how life is. Point is, you’ve done what you can. Have a nice day.”

The message is available for download on CBS’ website. And you thought the holidays were over.

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