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Everyone knows that almost all New Year’s resolutions get broken eventually. Jimmy Kimmel maintains such failure doesn’t even take that long. His personal resolution, to get on the treadmill more, failed after one attempt.

“I have a treadmill desk in my office which I never use anymore,” Kimmel said on Monday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. “So I came in this morning, and I stood on there without moving for maybe four seconds. Then I got off and made coffee and that was that.”

Kimmel’s not alone, which he proved by interviewing people on the street about the New Year’s resolutions they’ve already broken after only a few days of 2016.

Some highlights: a woman resolving to eat more kale but gagging after one bite; the man who resolved not to be mean, and then left his girlfriend to gamble in Las Vegas for days; and the indefatigable Prince Schaumburg, whose so-far unbroken resolution to be “top-fit, cook a lot of schnitzel because I love it, and get a lot of love in my life this year.” Go for it, Prince Schaumburg.

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