Credit: MARTIN BUREAU/AFP/Getty Images

Charlie Hebdo has never held back.

The French magazine’s satirical sendup of religious extremism (including caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad) made it the target of terrorists last January, when several gunmen affiliated with ISIS attacked Charlie Hebdo’s Paris office. As the one-year anniversary approaches on Jan. 7, Charlie Hebdo has debuted a new cover marking the date. The provocative image reads: “One year later: The assassin still at large.”

Dressed in the sandals, beard, and robe, an image of God is pictured spattered with blood and carrying a gun over his back. He’s also got a murderous look and an Illuminati triangle over his head. One million copies of the issue will be on French newsstands Wednesday and the Guardian reports that tens of thousands will be available abroad.

The Jan. 7 attacks left 12 people dead, including eight people affiliated with the magazine. The one-year anniversary issue will also feature cartoons drawn by five artists who were killed in the deadly attacks.