January 04, 2016 at 12:00 PM EST

You knew the Party had to end at some point. And now you know when.

Party Down South will funnel its final beer with the season 5 finale, CMT announced on Thursday. (The last episode will air April 7, and a reunion show is slated for April 14.) The Emmy-allergic reality series that features a bunch of amped-up 20-somethings named Daddy, Hott Dogg, Lyle, Murray, Lauren, Walt, Mattie, and Tiffany laying various Southern towns to waste has been the network’s highest-rated show. Initially slated to begin Jan. 7 but since rescheduled to Jan. 28 at 9 p.m., the final season is set in Georgia’s oldest city, Savannah.

(Let us have a brief moment of silence for Savannah.) 

The network has also confirmed that there are no plans to make additional episodes of Party Down South 2, which lasted two seasons and boasted a different cast.

CMT will air a season 4 marathon starting on Jan. 23 at 1 p.m., during which viewers will see sneak peeks of the 11-episode season 5. In the show’s final batch of adventures, look for Lyle and fiancée Santana to experience severe pre-marital stress after the roommates tell him that she was unfaithful. “Tears are shed and punches are thrown as everyone tries to get to the bottom of the situation,” promises the press release in a sentence that could be applied to almost any situation on the show. In other news, Mattie may have finally found Mr. Right, or at least Mr. He Can Actually Keep Up With Me. 

You’ve seen Hot Dogg give her thoughts on tea time in Savannah. You’ve witnessed Lyle proposing to Santana. Now it’s time for another exclusive season 5 tease with this new supertrailer, above. “The party gods are just going to rain Jägermeister from the heavens,” declares Daddy. “We’re just going to walk outside, open our mouths and just have a hell of a time.” Note: “Hell of a time” may include fist-pumping, hair-pulling, and watermelon-smashing. Also, Lyle will wind up in an ambulance. Hit play and pray.

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