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UPDATE: The Netflix UK Twitter account responded to Xavier Dolan’s request, promising to look into the matter. Read Netflix’s response below. The original story follows.

ORIGINAL STORY: Xavier Dolan’s Mommy is intentionally presented in a 1:1 aspect ratio, giving the film a tighter, smaller square framing rather than a wider, envelope-like format viewers are accustomed to seeing. But according to the director himself, Netflix’s streaming of the film has gone against his intended cinematic choice, and Dolan is calling for the film to either be fixed or removed.

Dolan posted a letter to Netflix U.K. about Mommy, which follows the story of Diane (Anna Dorval) and her teenage son Steve (Antoine Olivier Pilon), stating that the streaming service has “altered its aspect-ratio. This most notably affects one key scene where the 1:1 square aspect ratio of the movie temporarily widens to an 1:85 aspect ratio.” Dolan says by doing so, Netflix has “shut down the emotional capacity of that scene,” and Dolan goes on to call into question Netflix’s decision to present the film in such a way without consulting him first.

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“You can crop and tweak your own shows if you want, but don’t touch my film. Take it as is, or remove it. People are cleverer than you think,” Dolan says in the close of his letter. Netflix has not publicly responded to Dolans request and did not immediately return a request for comment from EW.

Read Dolan’s full letter below.

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