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Online petitions calling for a presidential pardon of Making a Murderer subjects Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are more than just a flash in the pan: they have now accumulated over 176,000 signatures on and the White House’s website.

Avery and his nephew Dassey were convicted of murder in 2005, just two years after Avery was released from prison for a false rape conviction. However, one petition claims that evidence in Netflix’s new 10-part documentary series about the case shows that “the justice system embarrassingly failed both men, completely ruining their entire lives.”

Wisconsin prosecutor Ken Kratz has responded to Making a Murderer by claiming the series leaves out important forensic evidence against Avery. Since the series premiered on Netflix on Dec. 18, the Yelp page for Kratz’s law firm has been inundated with angry comments, leading the site to post an “Active Cleanup Alert.”

There are now multiple similar petitions across the internet. The largest on is currently at 19,124 signatures, still more than 80,000 short of the 100.000 needed to mandate an official response from the White House. The largest petition is still over 41,000 away from its goal of 200,000.

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