Credit: Warner Brothers/Courtesy Everett Collection

Talk about finding a Keeper.

One Harry Potter fan got an incredible gift from her boyfriend over the holidays: a handmade replica of Harry’s Nimbus 2000 broomstick.

Jared Weissman said he spent three weeks before Christmas crafting the broom for his girlfriend, Shelby Stein.

“I used a 2x4x8 piece of pine for the handle and cut it out with a jigsaw and sanded it to shape with a block plane,” he wrote in an email to Mashable. “The bristles were shaped out of basket reed, reinforced underneath with Styrofoam circles to create the shape, and spray-painted a dark brown.”

He then added the Nimbus 2000 logo to the handle and made a kickstand of out plastic rod and spray painted it gold.

And the way Weissman gave Stein the finished product was magical, too.

“I gave her the gift just after we had finished opening presents with our families. I wrapped it in brown paper and twine just like it was in the movie when Harry receives [it] in the Great Hall from his owl,” he explained. “Unfortunately, she could tell exactly what it was when she saw it (it’s kind of hard to hide the shape of a broom when it’s tightly wrapped). She was extremely excited though, and she even cried!”

Get a closer look at how Weissman made the Nimbus 2000 atMashable.

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