And Eddie Redmayne does an Oscar-worthy Mario Testino impression.

Oscar winners Jennifer Lawrence and Eddie Redmayne made a delightful pair during a recent joint appearance on The Graham Norton Show.

In clips posted Thursday, the two discuss everything from bringing their families to events (Redmayne’s brothers clamored to see their father’s reaction to Redmayne’s incest scene in Savage Grace; Lawrence’s brother tried to arm wrestle Matthew McConaughey at the Oscars) to their very different experiences with modeling in the past.

While Redmayne does an Oscar-caliber impression of fashion photographer Mario Testino while recounting a recent Burberry campaign, Lawrence has a side-splitting tale about why an Abercombie campaign she shot never made it onto those iconic bags.

“I did the whole campaign and the pictures never came out, and I didn’t know why,” Lawrence says. “My agent wrote and asked why, and they literally only responded with the photos … Their whole idea was like ‘We want real people.'” Abercrombie, Lawrence says, took the models to a beach and instructed them to play football.

“The other models were like, playing football in a pretty way,” she says. “But not me! [In] all of the photos I’ve got a red face, covered in sweat, my nostrils are flared… At one point, a girl yelled, ‘Get her away from me!'”

Sounds like the J. Law we know and love. Check out both clips below:

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