Ozzy Osbourne
Credit: Barry Brecheisen/WireImage

Ozzy Osbourne has shared an emotional tribute to his close friend Lemmy Kilmister who died on Monday after a short battle with cancer.

Osbourne, 67, revealed his thoughts on the lead singer’s passing in an article on Rolling Stone.

“All I’ve done since I heard the news was reflect,” Osbourne. “He was a good guy, a very good friend of mine. I’m still in some shock.”

Kilmister’s death was first reported by radio personality and longtime friend Eddie Trunk, on Twitter. The band’s Facebook page also released a statement confirming his death,” after a short battle with an extremely aggressive cancer.”

Osbourne detailed his last conversation with Lemmy’s manager, saying that he asked for friends to come see the musician before he passed away.

“I phoned [Lemmy] up two days ago, and I couldn’t make out one word he was saying,” Osbourne added. “Yesterday, I got from his manager saying, ‘Lemmy’s on the way [out], and he wants to see some of his friends.’

“So my wife and I were just about leaving the door and the text came saying he’d gone. It shook me up bad. We were like ‘Wow.’ He must have been suffering for a while. You know, he’s 70. He lived the rock & roll lifestyle to the max, but still it’s sad when you lose a friend like that.”

He also revealed that the hell-raising pair used to joke to one another, “Which one of us is going to go first?” and that Kilmister once said to him: “What’s the point of living to 99 if you’re not enjoying it? It’s my life and I want to have fun with it.”

The Black Sabbath singer’s tribute follows many others for Kilmister, including Osbourne’s wife Sharon and rapper turned actor Ice-T.