Credit: Dennis Van Tine/Sipa USA

As if you needed another reason to get pumped for the new Captain America and Spider-Man movies, Tom Holland says the Cap’s latest film, Civil War, has made him even more excited for his own solo Marvel venture. The problem is now he has to wait a few months before filming on Spider-Man begins.

Civil War will be a brilliant movie, a huge movie and I’ll have the support of the success of that movie so that I can go on to my own,” the 19-year-old actor told The Belfast Telegraph. “It was also a real eye-opener to what it will be like when I start my film. I think the problem with Civil War for me was that it made me 10 times more excited to start on Spider-Man, but we don’t start for months so I’ve got to sit on that excitement for the moment.”

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Civil War, debuting on May 6, will see Marvel’s heroes battling each other when the world governments pass harsher restrictions on superhero activity. After making his web-slinging debut in this film, Holland will headline the new Spider-Man film for a July 28, 2017 release.

Holland continued, “I’m taking every day as it comes and there’s very little preparation that you can do apart from making sure you remain grounded and keep the people that are close to you close and my main goal at the moment is to make sure my work doesn’t fall below a certain caliber.”

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