Above Average’s “7 Minutes in Heaven,” in which host Mike O’Brien invites celebrities into his closet for “an intimate conversation,” hasn’t debuted an episode in nearly three years. Now it’s back and the show is kicking things off with WWE superstar and fledgling actor John Cena.

The pair cycles through various hats while dicussing such topics as workout habits, Cena’s role in Sisters, his teenage self, WWE Smackdown, his short-lived career as a limo driver, and much, much more. Though, to be fair, this installment should be dubbed “4 1/2 Minutes in Heaven.”

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Fortunately, O’Brien asked the hard-hitting question: “What does Big Show smell like?”

Cena originally said his WWE nemesis smelled like “a chicken-processing plant,” though he changed his answer to “an encyclopedia wrapped up in a beach towel of farts” after hearing O’Brien’s mutliple choice options. They included, “an encyclopedia that’s been in the swamp for a week,” “a dog toy that’s been soaked in dog saliva and also fell in the swamp,” and “a freshly opened stick of Right Guard antiperspirant and deodorant Cool Blast.”

7 Minutes in Heaven
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