A man’s home is his castle, but Wayne Manor was never really Batman’s home. In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the hero (Ben Affleck) has let his dynastic estate fall into dis­repair, watching it crumble to ruins as surely and completely as its owner’s sense of optimism. Rest assured, however, the Batcave remains as well-­equipped and well­-appointed as ever. After all, you want your tech to be up ­to ­date if you’re keeping the company of gods.

“[Batman] represents human beings, mortal men,” Affleck says. “In a world of Flashes and Aquamen and Supermen, there needs to be that guy. It’s interesting that
 he became the 
leader of the Justice League in the books — I’m not sure how that’ll play out here — but his humanity is also an asset.”

The Batcave comes outfitted with another significant asset: a brand­ new Alfred. Bruce Wayne’s butler and aide­-de-­camp (Jeremy Irons) won’t just be serving tea and drily chiding his employer from the sidelines. “Alfred is a lot more hands-­on in our film than he has previously been,” Irons says. “He’s a bit of a grease monkey, and he’s very involved in the decisions Bruce makes.” Of course, at the end of the day it’s just two weary men in a bunker going up against the world’s most powerful superhero. So, you know, good luck with that.

You can see concept art of the Batcave below.


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