By Will Robinson
Updated December 22, 2015 at 10:36 PM EST
Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Add Guy Fieri vs. Anthony Bourdain to the list of 2015’s biggest celebrity feuds.

On Tuesday, First We Feast dug up a “lost” (read: totally fake) mixtape from the TV cooking personality called The Mayor of Flavortown, and shared one of its tracks, “Donkey Sauce Flow.” The scathing diss track strikes down any and all of Fieri’s foes, including Anthony Bourdain and New York Times food critic Pete Wells, both loud Fieri critics.

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While Wells only gets targeted in a couple lines, the Bourdain burn is nearly a half verse:

Let me tell you ’bout a s— stain stuck to my shoe

Fan-thony Bourdain, this High Life’s for you

Got my name in his mouth like some gourmet ants

Thinking he’s Robuchon cuz he stepped foot in France

You’re a fan, a phony, a fake, a punk, a stan

I still whoop your ass and I got a better tan

Motherf— Bour motherf— Dain motherf— Parts Unknown

I don’t need no reservations, ho

The Mayor of Flavortown track list — which boasts names like Drake, 50 Cent, and Kid Rock as features — is filled with tasty names like “Lieutenant Flambé-a-Botch,” “Side Pieces (F**kin’ Problem remix),” and “Grease Trap Queen.” There’s another nod to Drizzy, courtesy of “4am in Vegas (Skit),” admitting Fieri was unable to stay up the extra hour.

In case you were holding onto hope that the track was created by the real Fieri, a source confirms to EW that it wasn’t. Get more details on The Mayor of Flavortown at First We Feast.