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The CEO of Abstergo Industries is a busy man — which is understandable for someone controlling the modern day incarnation of the Templars — but Jeremy Irons’ Alan Rikkin has a message for those attempting to contact him.

Ubisoft has released the buisness card of Irons’ character from the upcoming Assassin’s Creed film adaptation, and while the image itself offers little about the CEO, it leads to more for those willing to pick up the phone or send an email.

Rikkin’s card has two phone numbers on it, as well as an email address. Call the numbers, and you’ll be directed to Rikkin’s voicemail message, which says he will be out of the office on business until March 25, 2016. (The email address returns essentially the same message, readable below.)

Of course, March could be an arbitrary date, but the date could possibly be teasing the reveal of a trailer for the film, which is scheduled to come out at the end of 2016. March 25 is the same day Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters, and it’s reasonable to assume the trailer would be attached to one of the year’s first blockbuster superhero films (barring any leaks or early online postings, of course).

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Whatever Rikkin is up to will remain a mystery until 2016, but Ubisoft has been leaning into the Abstergo Industries of it all for the film’s viral marketing campaign. A currently bare-bones Abstergo website has been set up, highlighting the company’s worldwide locations (many of which have been featured as locales in Assassin’s Creed games). Abstergo, in the game franchise, is responsible for building the Animus machine, which allows users to experience their ancestors’ memories firsthand, virtually traveling back in time, which the Templars use to seek out items known as Pieces of Eden.

The Assassins fight against their crusade across generations, as will be the charge of Michael Fassbender’s Callum Lynch in the film. Assassin’s Creed, directed by Macbeth‘s Justin Kurzel and co-starring Marion Cotillard, will arrive in theaters on Dec. 21, 2016.

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