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Yesterday, Star Wars: The Force Awakens made breaking box office records look easier than bullseyeing womp rats in a T-16, shattering just about every record on the books. Not only did The Force Awakens become the first movie to make more than $100 million in a single day, but it earned the biggest domestic opening of all time, pulling in an estimated $238 million for the weekend. But even with its massive domestic debut, its international opening wasn’t as strong, and as a result, it looked like there was one record it couldn’t break: Jurassic World’s $525 million global debut.

Guess we should all remember not to underestimate the Force.

Initial Sunday estimates indicated that The Force Awakens would finish the weekend at $517 million globally, but the final total ended up at $529 million. That means Jurassic World’s record is officially history, and we can now add “biggest global debut ever” to The Force Awakens’ long, long list of box office accomplishments.

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“It’s bigger than big,” Disney CEO Bob Iger told Bloomberg TV on Monday morning. “It’s bigger than we thought it would be yesterday, as a matter of fact.”

The Force Awakens’ new record is particularly impressive because its international rollout wasn’t as wide as Jurassic World’s. Almost $100 million of Jurassic World’s global debut came from China, but The Force Awakens won’t even open there until Jan. 9. Instead, The Force Awakens’ enormous domestic debut helped to make up the difference, earning $248 million for the weekend. Internationally, it only (only?) earned $281 million, giving it the third-biggest international opening of all time, behind Jurassic World with $316 million and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 with $314 million.

As a result, Disney now holds four of the top five debuts of all time, and at some point on Monday, the studio will cross $5 billion in a year for the first time ever. The Force Awakens’ success caps off a record year for the studio, which included Avengers: Age of Ultron, Inside Out, Cinderella, and Ant-Man. Disney’s previous record was $4.73 billion in 2013.

This post has been updated to include final weekend numbers.

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