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Todd and Julie Chrisley have made TV fans a part of their family for three seasons on USA’s Chrisley Knows Best — and what says family more than the holidays? In anticipation of their upcoming Christmas special, “A Very Chrisley Christmas 2,” EW spoke with Todd and Julie to find out how this this season’s outing compares to the last and get the scoop on a few of their favorite Christmas memories.

“Julie has always been the true center core of our family for Christmas. For all holidays,” says Todd. “It’s her favorite time of the year, and because of that, she’s made it everyone else’s favorite time of the year.

“No matter how bad things are in someone’s life, you get that moment of reprieve,” he says of the holiday’s appeal, “and this is a special time for us. I think we love to share anything that’s good in our life to make someone else’s life better. That’s what we want to do.”

Like last year’s Christmas episode, “A Very Chrisley Christmas 2” will look back on some of the Chrisleys’ favorite moments of the season — including some never-before-seen deleted scenes — while the family prepares for Julie’s holiday dinner. But this year’s show promises to have a flavor all its own.

“I think this Christmas special is a little different from last year. It’s a little more relaxed,” Julie says.

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The special comes at a reflective time for the Chrisley family, airing on the eve of a season finale — aptly titled, “Leaving the Nest” — that sees Todd and Julie saying goodbye to daughter Savannah as she leaves to attend college in Nashville.

“I think with this season, there was a lot of transition in our family, with the kids going away to college,” Julie says. “The family dynamic moved a little bit.” It’s only fitting, then, that the ghosts of Christmas past should be on their minds.

“We’re blessed to say this: All of our Christmases have been great memories,” says Todd. “I think probably one of the best Christmases for me was when I built my parents their home and gave it to them.”

The Chrisleys, who are involved with a number of charitable organizations, are in the giving spirit this year, too. “It’s hard for me to grasp that we have so many people without clean water,” says Todd. “And yet here we are in this country with so much disposable income, and we’re doing nothing with it.

“If there’s anything that I want the world to know,” he says, “it’s that we all have to work together.”

“A Very Chrisley Christmas 2” airs Dec. 22 at 10 p.m. ET on USA, followed by the season finale of Chrisley Knows Best on Dec. 23 at 10 p.m. ET. Check out an exclusive clip below.

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