By Nick Romano
Updated December 20, 2015 at 10:54 PM EST
Credit: Douglas Gorenstein/Getty Images

“Oh my god…I just almost killed one of the best actors of our time,” Channing Tatum recollected of one interaction between him and Bruce Dern during a table read for their new film, The Hateful Eight. Although Tatum didn’t reveal who he’s playing in the Quentin Tarantino film, he did tell Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon about that nerve-wracking moment.

“I saw Sam [L. Jackson] when we came to the table read, and he gives me a big hug and he’s like, ‘Welcome to the family,'” Tatum said. “And that made me feel good, but then everyone else started coming in that are like these amazing heavy-hitters.”

“I start getting terrified,” he continued, remembering how nervous he became listening to Kurt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and the rest of the cast reading through their lines. When it came time for his scenes, Tatum decided to make an impression.

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“I have a scene with Bruce Dern and so one of our first things is, you know, I have to shake his hand, and I make this really dumb, over-zealous decision and I pull him in reall close,” Tatum recalled. “And I almost pull Bruce Dern out of his chair, and he’s like, ‘You jerk! You almost pulled my arm outta the socket.”

Thankfully, Dern dealt with the moment graciously. Listen to Tatum’s full story in the video below.

The Hateful Eight opens in limited release on Christmas Day before going wide on Jan. 1.

The Hateful Eight

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  • R
  • 187 minutes
  • Quentin Tarantino