Credit: Graham Denholm/Getty Images

Taylor Swift knows how to take care of her squad. In a new preview for her concert film, The 1989 World Tour LIVE, debuting Dec. 20 on Apple Music, the singer offers a behind-the-scenes look at collaborating with her musical guests and getting them ready for the concert.

Lorde, Selena Gomez, Ricky Martin, Steve Tyler, Pitbull, and more feature in the preview footage that debuted on ABC News.

“When I’ll have a sound check with a special guest artist, I’ll meet them on the stage, introduce them to everybody, the band. I’d walk the artist along the stage, I’d say ‘I think maybe we should go here at this point in the song, maybe we should do this at this point in the song…and we would just decide together what the performance should look like,” Swift said.

Watch the preview below.

Other guests feature in the concert film but not this preview are the likes of Justin Timberlake, Leona Lewis, Keith Urban, Mary J. Blige, and John Legend.

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“Getting ready for this, I wondered about a lot of things,” Swift said in the film’s trailer. “I wonder what it would be like to perform for 70,000 people. I wonder what it would look like if they were all lit up and just dancing around like no one was watching them. I wonder what would happen if I invited the most amazing artists in the world to come out with me and perform on my stage. Would they do it? I wonder what it would be like to get so lost in it every night and never want it to end.”