Credit: Netflix

Netflix has already laid out the plans for a “Netflix and chill” button. But what if one becomes too chill, drinking an extra glass of pinot noir while enjoying “Peeno Noir“? Throw on a pair of good ol’ Netflix-themed socks.

The streaming company released a teaser and how-to guide for socks that not only show off your favorite original show (Master of None‘s taco design wins), but also pause the show when you fall asleep. That solves one of the big modern issues: losing track on when exactly you stop paying attention to a show.

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It’s an ambitious project, as the guide recommends being comfortable with soldering and a working knowledge of electronics. If there’s any positive, the eight-step plan is almost half as long as the blueprint for the button.

Unleash your imagination at Netflix’s Make It guide and website and with the teaser above.