David Zonshine
December 17, 2015 at 05:48 PM EST

We all thought Home Alone was a fun, cute Christmas movie, but when you really think about what little Kevin had to go though — abandoned by his family on Christmas and left to face the constant threat of two bungling would-be burglers who don’t quit — it begins to feel like a whole lot of trauma just waiting to manifest in adulthood dysfunction. At least, that’s the perspective brand-new web series :DRYVRS explores in its premiere episode, which costars Macaulay Culkin himself.

David Zonshine

Inspired by services like Über and Lyft, :DRYVRS is a new YouTube series that follows creator Jack Dishel as he meets and interacts with bizarre drivers through a ride-sharing app. In “Just Me in the House by Myself,” Culkin’s character picks up Dishel and is immediately petulant. Dishel offers to drive, and Culkin unloads about his childhood trauma of being left home alone over the holidays at age 8, forced to defend himself against a pair of robbers. His past experience of MacGyvering everyday objects into booby traps comes in handy when a carjacker holds them at gunpoint. Culkin captures the carjacker, and then things take a turn for the bloody … Check it out in full above.

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David Zonshine

Dishel is best known for his music career: he leads the band Only Son, was the lead guitarist for the now-inactive Moldy Peaches, and freguently works on music with his wife Regina Spektor. But this new comedy webseries doesnt come completely out of left field for the respected musician — Dishel has done one-man comedy shows and written and acted in films in recent years.

New episodes of the series will be uploaded to Dishel’s YouTube channel in early 2016, which will include more impressive guest stars such as Rosanna Arquette and Steven Weber.

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Be on the lookout for new episodes of :DRYVRS early next year.

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