Because we're all just living to see our face on the side of a bus.
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We said goodbye to Don Draper and hello to Adele. Doughnuts were licked, and dinos were vanquished. And whether we were getting to know Supergirl or supervillains (looking at you, Robert Durst), 2015 turned our emotions Inside Out. So join us as we revisit the year’s most unforgettable moments—for better or worse. (By the time we’re through, maybe we’ll finally have our invitation to join Taylor’s #squad.) See more Best of 2015 coverage.

“I’ve been familiar with YouTube’s creator ad campaigns for a while — my friends Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart have been featured, and I remember thinking, ‘Oh my God, I hope I get to do that one day.’ Earlier this year I was sitting in a trailer at YouTube FanFest Toronto, and my manager told me that I had just been accepted for the campaign. I was so happy, I screamed and yelled and danced.

In the ads, I’m dressed up like my parents — they’re two of my regular characters. When I went to New York for the campaign launch and press tour, my actual parents came with me, and we see a bus that had a huge ad featuring me as those characters on it. So I’m standing there with my real mom and dad in front of a bus ad that shows me dressed as them! It was surreal.

Credit: Kelly Neal

We rode the bus to Times Square, where my ads were taking over billboard screens for three hours. I’m from Toronto, so Times Square is still a very cool place you go visit and act all touristy. To be there and know that my giant face will be in the background of other tourists’ pictures? It’s just crazy. How is this my life?”

As told to Stephanie Schomer.

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