By Christopher Rosen
December 17, 2015 at 04:29 PM EST

Lena Dunham still hasn’t seen Star Wars, but that hasn’t stopped her from explaining its plot.

Posting on The List App, the Girls creator and star has pieced together the Star Wars story from what she has “heard ’round town.”

“So Luke and Leia live in a dusty space town,” Dunham wrote. “They are best friends and eventually lovers. She wears buns to protect her ears from the dust. Luke always wonders who his dad is but isn’t too focused on it because he’s young and having fun.”

Her story includes Han Solo and Chewbacca, R2-D2 (“the only nice guy”), and eventually even Darth Vader.

“Finally one day Luke is like, ‘Why have you been bothering me all this time!?’ Darth says, ‘Luke I am your father. And Leia’s. You’ve been porking your sister left and right.’ Luke is like, ‘Okay my bad, moving on,'” Dunham wrote.

“For the rest of the movies they battle the dark side as a team,” she continued. “Everyone has sex with people who aren’t related to them. Everyone accepts that the war may never be over between good and evil. They party at a bar with a Mexican flair.”

Last year, after her Girls costar Adam Driver was cast in The Force Awakens, Dunham revealed she had not seen Star Wars. “Now I’m going to have to watch — to understand,” Dunham said to E! online. “Adam’s never watched Girls so we made a deal I would watch Star Wars if he watched Girls. We can commune about it like a book club.”

It never happened. “I don’t think Dunham has watched them yet. I think she’s going to see this one, I think,” Driver said recently. “But I think the deal is I have to watch Girls if she watches this so I’m trying to put her off as much as possible.”

Read Dunham’s Star Wars plot at The List App.

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