Or at least the shoulder, mouth, and chin of the new paranormal warrior

By Nicole Sperling
Updated December 17, 2015 at 06:06 PM EST

The debut of the Ghostbusters reboot is a mere seven months away and writer/director Paul Feig is reticent to give away any details on the project. Yes, it’s an all-female cast starring four of today’s funniest female comedians. Yes, the original heroes — Dan Akyroyd, Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson — are back in cameo roles, as is the film’s original love-interest-turned demonically-possessed temptress, Sigourney Weaver. Yes, the ECTO-1, the proton packs, and the original Ghostbuster logo will also make a return. But after that, it’s a whole new world.

Feig calls Wiig’s character, Erin Gilbert, “Particle physicist, academic firebrand, spectral warrior.” Little else is known about her character except she enjoys battling the ethereal and likely doesn’t have much of a social life.

What Feig will divulge is how kinetic the chemistry was on set between Wiig and her co-stars: Melissa McCarthy, who plays scientist Abby Yates; Kate McKinnon, who plays avant garde researcher Jillian Holtzmann; and Leslie Jones, the transportation official Feig describes as having “a particular skill set.”

“They are four incredibly talented women, each with a unique voice and style of comedy,” Feig adds. “The fact that they meshed so well and complemented each other so well made this team of paranormal warriors a very interesting and fully-rounded group. The funniest people who come from sketch, stand-up, or just comedy, in general, work well together because the good ones know they are only as good as those they are playing off, against, and with. The set was a fun, supportive and creatively fertile environment.”

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Ghostbusters arrives in theaters on July 15.



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