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John Krasinski and Jimmy Kimmel’s annual Christmas prank war has seen the two friends trade surprises back and forth each year, but Krasinski hoped to steal the spotlight with his own suite of pranks this year. If only he knew what Jimmy Kimmel had in store for him.

Krasinski revealed his pranks Tuesday on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, one of which included transforming Kimmel’s office into a winter wonderland, complete with Krasinski hiding beneath a giant nutcracker costume. And though Kimmel may be cleaning out that fake snow for awhile, he had his own, larger scale prank in mind as things escalate quickly.

Kimmel and his team created yard sale signs with Krasinski’s face on them and, supposedly, his real address. They then proceeded to post hundreds of copies around town, from the La Brea Tar Pits to UCLA’s campus to numerous street corners and light posts in between.

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Krasinski’s shock seemed to indicate it was his actual address, but whether he can expect to wake up to a gaggle of fans on his front lawn, that wasn’t the only surprise Kimmel had waiting for him.

Watch the full prank war below.

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