December 16, 2015 at 01:56 PM EST

Allen: Son of Hellcock

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Get ready to dive into a new quirky fantasy adventure: Allen: Son of Hellcock. The third Z2 Comics launch title, co-written by former Onion Editor-In-Chief Will Tracy (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver) and Gabe Kopolwitz, featuring art by Miguel Porto, takes you on a fantastical journey that includes everything from horse-donkeys to fashionable elves.

Allen: Son of Hellcock is the hilarious, rip-roaring fantasy-adventure tale of Allen, the cowardly, tragically hip son of the mighty medieval warrior Hellcock, who must begrudgingly set out on a not-so-heroic quest to impress the girl of his dreams and live up to his father’s legacy,”It is a very good book, even though one of the young men who wrote it is a disappointment to me personally,” said Will Tracy’s father.

“I would agree that the book is a delightful amalgam of comedy, fantasy, and adventure, despite the fact that comic books are for children and should never be co-written by so-called grown men who share my last name,” concurred Gabe Koplowitz’s father.

Allen: Son of Hellcock is available in comic shops today. View exclusive preview pages below.

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