December 16, 2015 at 08:37 PM EST

“It’s better to go too far than not far enough.”

In the first trailer for Misconduct, which debuted on USA Today‘s site, pretty much everyone is going too far. Josh Duhamel takes the lead as a lawyer determined to take down Anthony Hopkins’ billionaire pharmaceuticals titan who manipulated drug trials. Al Pacino plays Duhamel’s boss, a senior partner at the law firm.

In case you were thinking this would be your classic courtroom drama, enter Malin Ackerman as the possessive “Other woman.” Ackerman’s character is linked to Hopkins in some way (daughter? wife?), but leaks the damning evidence against him to Duhamel and then sleeps with him despite him being married to Alice Eve. Clearly, it was not a typical one-night fling, as Ackerman introduces herself to Eve and goes all Fatal Attraction, threatening Duhamel to never ignore her calls again.

After Duhamel is framed for murder, he goes on the run, with Julia Stiles on his tail as a police officer.

Misconduct hits theaters Feb. 5.

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