It took 15 years for George Miller to get Mad Max: Fury Road off the ground, but the timing couldn’t have worked out better.

During a recent video interview at EW’s studio in Los Angeles, the Australian filmmaker talked about how Fury Road — a critical and commercial hit that is emerging as an awards-season dark horse — would have been a different movie had he made it 15 or even five years ago.

“Every film you work on, you’re trying to learn something new,” Miller said. “And one of the advantages of going back into the wasteland with the Mad Max characters is that you could take what had shifted in the world, in particular in the way we make movies, and apply it again.”

Had Miller made the film at an earlier time, he said, “I think it would’ve been different, at least in the technology and therefore ultimately how the film would be experienced. The cameras were much more agile; we could do things we could not have done five years ago. Even the [3-D conversion] would have been different.”

As long as Miller is making films, he’ll keep looking forward. Cinema, he said, is “something you could do for a thousand years and you would never really have any sense of mastery over the process.”

For more from Miller, watch the video above.

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