In a presidential campaign that has seen former reality show host Donald Trump rise to the top of GOP potentials, perhaps we should’ve been prepared for anything.

But the rise of Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-described “socialist” politician from Vermont, as a legitimate Democratic rival for Hillary Clinton has been nearly as surprising. Sanders’ campaign, built on criticizing what he sees as a lopsided economic and political system, has made converts even of the deepest cynics. Rapper Killer Mike has spent his career similarly criticizing American politics, but tweeted his interest in Sanders’ rhetoric and introduced Sanders at an Atlanta rally in November. The two even posed for Mike’s Instagram throwing up the sign for Run the Jewels (Killer Mike’s duo with El-P).

Over the last few days, Killer Mike has teased bits and pieces of an interview he did with Sanders at his hometown barbershop. On Monday, the full interview (divided into six segments) went up on both YouTube and Killer Mike’s Instagram.

The conversation ranges from defining “socialism” to discussing the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Highlights include Mike quoting his verse in Run the Jewels’ “Lie, Cheat, Steal” to Sanders, and the two iconic firebrands discussing the value of angry rhetoric (“Mike, that’s being human. If you see stuff that’s wrong and you don’t respond…then you’re not alive. So don’t lose that anger.”)

Check out all six segments below.