Credit: Ray Tamarra/WireImage

Howard Stern isn’t going anywhere. The shock jock announced on Tuesday that he re-signed a contract with SiriusXM to continue his radio show for five years.

“This morning I am very, very pleased to announce — and excited to announce — that in fact we’ll be here for the next five years,” he said on The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday before detailing more plans for his brand. “Now let me tell you why I’m excited about this. This deal that I have with Sirius enables us now to move really into the future – not only to continue to bring you radio for the next five years, but there’s an excitement about an app we’ll be developing that will now include video streaming of the show, so our fans will be able to see us live. Our fans will be able to get our archives, our complete archives – you’ll be able to on-demand get everything you want audio and video-wise and then some.”

“We look forward to working with Howard to offer the Howard Stern experience through new platforms,” SiriusXM CEO Jim Meyer said in a statement. “In 2006, when Howard launched his two uncensored satellite radio channels – Howard 100 and Howard 101 – he transformed how people listen to radio. We are thrilled that Howard is staying and expanding his relationship with SiriusXM to include video.”

On Monday, Stern’s future at SiriusXM was unclear and on the air he said, “Wednesday could be the final show.” He later added, “That’ll be our last show and let’s say we don’t have a contract or anything, we’ll just go away.”

But 24 hours later, his future with the company is certain … at least for five more years. Hear his message to fans below. Following Wednesdays broadcast, Stern will return in 2016.