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The Biggest Loser is returning next month not only with a new host, but with one of the most famous reality-TV winners ever.

Richard Hatch, the devious dude who was often naked en route to scoring the million-dollar prize in the first season of Survivor, will attempt to learn healthier habits on NBC’s weight-loss reality challenge. “I don’t give a crap about how people feel about how I look,” the 54-year-old Hatch, whose weight has topped 300 pounds, told People last week. “But personally, I know that I’m fat.”

In more recent years, Hatch competed on The Celebrity Apprentice and, yes, served a few years in prison for tax evasion. Now he will be vying for a $250,000 grand prize while paired with someone he did not know before reporting to the set: The Voice season 2 semifinalist Erin Willett. The duo will be competing to shed pounds against teams of relatives, spouses, twins, and friends.

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Season 17, which launches Jan. 4 at 9 p.m. ET, also features a new host (trainer Bob Harper replaces Alison Sweeney), a renovated gym and contestant house, a double scale that can weigh in contestants simultaneously, the return of team vs. team competition (with trainers Dolvett Quince and Jen Widerstrom each fielding a squad), and a “temptation” theme that shows contestants being tested in off-campus environments more than ever. But you didn’t come here for a list of changes for the new season. No, you want to see a harnessed Hatch attempt to climb his way up the side of a tall building. Give your finger a workout by clicking on this exclusive clip from the two-hour premiere.

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