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The best gift of all this holiday season is John Oliver, who dropped a spot-on rant Sunday all about the time-honored art of regifting.

In the segment, Oliver takes the time to lay down the rules for regifting. First, never regift to someone who knows the original gifter — Oliver recommends an office Secret Santa as the ideal regifting opportunity. Second, Oliver urges regifters to personalize their rejected gifts with an “intimate yet vague note.” Of course, be sure to wrap the present, or at least put it in a gift bag; a receptacle that Oliver refers to as “the sweatpants of gift wrapping.” Finally, Oliver warns against regifting hubris, and cautions the viewers to limit themselves to a single regift per person.

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With these rules in mind, we can all confidently enter into the holiday season with a clear plan to get rid of those underwhelming presents we’re bound to receive. Although, if someone does give you a scented candle in a gift bag with the note “This is so you!” attached, you can be pretty sure they have heard Oliver’s regifting advice as well.

The video was posted directly online now that season 2 of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver has ended. The series returns Feb. 14.

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