Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for TAS

Swifties, get ready: You have a book to write.

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Taylor Swift’s first record, Simon & Schuster will publish the first major book about the superstar artist, EW can announce exclusively. And it’s her biggest fans who are providing the content.

The book, coming on Oct. 24, 2016, will be oversized and illustrated to give it a scrapbook-like feel, stuffed with fan art, concert photos, and the best writing published about Swift during the past decade, beginning with the first press release for 2006’s Taylor Swift, and including magazine work by writers like Sasha Frere-Jones, Ann Powers, Chuck Klosterman, Jody Rosen, Jada Yuan, and more. To suggest a favorite piece about Taylor, fans should email Swift herself is not involved and hasn’t endorsed the project, but given her very public love of fan-made stuff, we can’t imagine she’d be mad about it.

Simon & Schuster asks that fans join the conversation using the hashtag #SwiftFanBook. For other ways to contribute, see the publisher’s instructions below:

Title contest: The book’s title will be determined by a contest. Fans are invited to submit the title they think the book should have, along with a brief essay of 250 words or less in support of their title, with the winning title to be chosen by Simon & Schuster. The fan who wins will receive a $2,500 payment and credit in the published book. This contest will run from Dec. 13, 2015, through Jan. 13, 2016, and entries may be made at

Honorary authorship contest: Although the book is a group effort, Simon & Schuster is looking for one super-Swiftie to serve as its honorary author and the face of the book to the public. That fan, whose name will appear on the cover and help select content for the book and promote it, will also be chosen via a contest. Fans who think they have the passion, knowledge, creativity, and charisma for the role can make their case in a video of three minutes or less to be uploaded at The winner will be chosen by Simon & Schuster and receive a $10,000 payment. At the time of publication, the author will be flown to New York for a press tour, a book signing in Manhattan, potential appearances on major media outlets, and more. This contest will run from Dec. 13, 2015, through Jan. 13, 2016.

Cover contest: Once the book’s title and author have been determined and announced, fans with a flair for graphic design can create the cover they think the book should have. The winning cover design may be used on the published book, with the designer to receive credit on the book jacket and a $5,000 payment. This contest will run from Feb. 1, 2016, through March 1, 2016, and submissions should be uploaded at

In order to find the best fan photos and illustrations of Swift for use in the book, Simon & Schuster would like to hear from fans who are serious photographers and have personally taken a large number of high-resolution photographs of Swift (phone photos are not high-quality enough to meet book production standards) over the entirety of her career, as well as fans who have created unique illustrations or other works of art in homage to the artist. If that is you, please write to and tell us about your photo library or your artwork. The publisher will select hundreds of illustrations to appear in the book and pay a fee, credit the copyright holder in the book, and provide a free copy of the book to each copyright holder whose work is included.