Hear it now.

By Christian Holub
December 11, 2015 at 04:08 PM EST
Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

After teasing the date Dec. 11 on her Twitter for the past week, Willow Smith followed through by dropping her debut album, Ardipithecus, on Friday

Over the past few years, Smith and her brother Jaden have talked to interviewers about their interest in philosophy and unique ideas about the space-time continuum. Turns out they weren’t joking. Some of these ideas echo throughout Willow’s strange, shapeshifting trip of an album (its very name is a reference to evolution, of both humankind and Willow herself). There’s no feature from Jaden but Ardipithecus does have production from their older brother Trey (alias AcE).

Listen to the album below.