Credit: David James/©Lucasfilm 2015

It’s ironic that the first creature we encountered upon our return to the Star Wars galaxy was basically a fellow selling merchandise.

Bobbajo is the name the crew gave to this wiskered fellow. He shuffles through a marketplace on the desert world of Jakku proffering his wares, which includes a collection of caged creatures. But you can’t really call them “mint in the box”; they all look a little worse for wear, honestly.

We first laid eyes on him in May 2014, when production on The Force Awakens was just beginning, and director J.J. Abrams posted a video for the project’s Force For Change charity initiative.

Just who is Bobbajo? And how was he created? Creature shop chief Neal Scanlan gave Entertainment Weekly the lowdown for this final installment in our behind-the-scenes series.

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